Review of S&C Home Solutions LLC

by Unknown unknown on 2/16/2017
I never called this company for a repair, but I spoke with one of their service providers named "Mike". He called me at MY job complaining about our responsibility for a service/ repair provided for one of his customers. Right off the bat, he was rude and kept telling me that my company was wrong, the problem is our responsibility, that this one part was malfunctioning. I asked for clarification on the malfunctioning part and explained that particular part is the homeowner's responsibility. He vehemently disagreed with me, I explained we could come out and check again. He said he didn't understand why - if it wasn't our responsibility - we come out again. I explained we would come out to double check since there was a debate about our responsibility. He asked when we would send someone and I said we would send someone as soon as possible. Then he chewed me out, saying my attitude sucks and that I've been copping an attitude and he hopes the call is being recorded. I LITERALLY had no idea how I had offended this man. I offered to transfer him to my supervisor and after being rude even further, I finally got him transferred. Turns out this guy went to a home, "fixed" the WRONG THING, billed the customer and took off as soon as we explained what the problem was and that it was the owner's responsibility. Thanks, Mike.
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