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by Steven Priddy on 1/17/2015
AVOID ZK GUNS !!! Worst people I've ever tried to do business with. Come back from my 7 month deployment in afghanistan, and tried to buy their Blue label Glock 19. Blue label is for military and police. They said it'll be 4 to 5 weeks and I had to put 250 dollars down. I agreed and now 3 months later they haven't checked my ID to make sure I'm military. Didn't call me in 3 months. Actually they ignored my calls, closed early when I told them I would be there 15 minutes before they close, and refused me a refund. I've asked politely for Info on when I might get my gun that's already 2 months late. He says he doesn't know. So I go in to the store today to politely ask for a refund. He says that I signed a receipt that says it's a 10% cancelation fee. There was no signature. I had never went in the store. He starts to get mad be he remembers me from calling so much. The old man tell me that I don't have a choice, the 10% is a deal I signed. I never signed it. I show them that and tell them they can't hold me to a non signed agreement. So he asks if I'm military. I say yes. He says, quote, "get the f**k out of my store". Super long story short, I told him I wanted a full refund not 10% kept out. I was polite. He said he would have me arrested for harassment and trasspassing. All while cussing me horribly in front to customers and kid who was about 10. After a couple minutes of them saying they are going to call the police and my commanding officer, he gives me are refund and takes takes a pic of my truck. Idk what their problem is but the dude fucking went off on me. Said he was calling Glock so that I can't ever do the blue label gun sale again. He's are fucking prick. Flipped when I told him I was military. Full out yelling In the store. Other customers left. Please don't ever give these people your buisness. Ive served my Country for years and recently back from 7 months in afghanistan and I got treated like dog shit. Threatened my career and part of my livelyhood. Cussed and yelled at me in front of customers and his kid. Tried to keep my money. After they agreed to give me a full refund, they swiped my card and it never posted to my account. Please don't go here and do not give them your money. Support the troops! Merica.
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ZK GUNS on 1/18/2015
This was a regretful incident that took place at ZK Guns over the past two days. What occurred is being submitted to local law enforcement and Whitman AFB officials for review. Audio and video were taken of the incident with surveillance equipment on site. ZK Guns is a partially veteran owned business and would never dishonor or discredit military service.