Review of Randy Adams Construction

by John Sullins on 6/23/2014
I received quotes from a few different contractors to do some shower remodel work. I decided to go with Randy Adams Construction because they came in with one of the lower quotes and were recommended to me by someone else. We scheduled time to meet and formalize the project. The owner cancelled his appointment with me via email 20 minutes before we were supposed to meet. He had a good reason and I know things come up so I didn't mind rescheduling. However, the next time we were scheduled to meet he no showed. Only after I tried contacting him, and 3 hours after our scheduled appointment, did he apologize for missing the appointment. I understand things change but after 2 missed appointments in a row, including one no show, I got the impression they didn't need my business so went elsewhere. I'm sure the quality of their work is good, but meeting deadlines and commitments is equally important to me. Hopefully my experience with them was an anomaly and others will have better luck.
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