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by heather meng on 12/17/2012
I had a relatively standard reconstructive project of water damage in a basement. I used ProServ to dry out the damage and cut out the dry wall. They were great. When it came to the restoration, my insurance company recommended United Services - so I went with them. It's now 5 months AFTER the project and it has yet to be complete. The carpet they installed does not line up properly - the carpet was not turned correctly which has created a highly visible seam in a large, open space. Instead of the project manager proactively managing this, months later I received a voicemail, telling me THEY looked at the pictures and didn't see anything wrong. He went on to say that if I looked at any seam long enough, I would see issues with it. I was taken aback that a service company would more or less elude that the issue was a figment of the customers' imagination. Extremely rude and unprofessional. I myself will never use this company again. I have since advised my insurance company of this disappointing experience and hopefully they will rethink future recommendations. Bottom line - my "old" carpet looked much better than the "new" carpet with the seam.
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