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Are you tired of cold, impersonal service from storefront accounting offices that don't know your name and won't go the extra mile on your behalf? At Wilson & Mee CPAs, we promise to give you the attention you need and deserve with our accounting, tax, payroll, and business consulting services. We a firm of dedicated professionals who make it our business to listen to your needs and provide personalized solutions for you at an affordable price.

With many years of experience, Jeremiah Mee and his team of CPAs and accountants can handle just about any needs you may have, while still making it our business to get to know you personally. We're flexible, we're friendly, and above all, we listen. You have found a partner that is open all year long providing payroll preparation, bookkeeping, tax preparation, business planning, budgeting and debt consulting.

We welcome new clients every year.  We have qualified professionals who work year round and keep up on the current tax laws.  All tax returns we prepare are double checked and signed by a CPA.  We go the extra mile in tax preparation.  We turn over all the rocks and ask many questions to ensure your tax return is prepared accurately.  There are many ways to prepare a tax return that the IRS will accept, but our firm prepares each return to maximize the refund or minimize the balance due, keeping future events in consideration.

If you have a small buiness, no problem.  If you are a corporation, no problem.  We have specially trained professionals that specialize in small business and corporate tax returns.

Wilson & Mee CPAs is also set up to gather information via the internet (see the "Esend" link on our website) for those who want to stay home and let us do all the tax work for them.  We do offer free electronic filing for all of our clients.

When you're ready to call us, remember your first consultation is always free. 417-863-1500 or email us at info@wilsonmee.com. Like us on facebook or visit our webpage at wilsonmee.com for more information.


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by Jim Eberhard on 12/22/2011
I have used this service for many years and they have supported me well weather I like the answers or not they were always the best for my situation. I have received my returns in a timely manner every time I was due one.
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by Rob Chilson on 11/27/2011 (last edited on 11/27/2011)
I chose to go Leslie to take care of a tax return that I felt was beyond my level of understanding. Leslie was prepared to deal with it. Not only did she handle it correctly the first time, but when the IRS did not handle my return correctly, she continued to represent me to the IRS. There was no additional expense, she was working to make sure that we had full resolution. I was expecting more paperwork for the IRS, hours on the phone with them, or some other hassle. Leslie carried the whole burden....I am thankful that Leslie is so much more than a person trained to enter data into a tax program. She is a professional!
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by Richard Cheeseman on 7/14/2011
I made an appointment with Leslie knowing I needed some back tax issues to get resolved.I also knew her fees were 160 bucks an hour or around there.When I got in her office it took her exactly 10 minutes to tell me that I didnt need her and showed me how to fix the problem.I thought at least I would be milked for a couple of hours for this matter, and one other tax person told me it might take a couple of hours.Amazing ,and thank you, your character not only impressed me but was shocking.And by the way everything you said was true I called the IRS and its going to all be ok :)
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by Jason Denney on 4/14/2011
My wife and I have had our taxes prepared at this outstanding firm over the last several years and we have always been very pleased with the wonderful service we have received. I have never liked doing my own taxes, especially trying to keep up with all the tax law changes each year. I have always been comforted by the fact that Leslie and her staff are always up to date on all the changes each tax season and that leaves me very satisfied in knowing that I am getting the best return possible. Leslie’s attention to detail, her superior knowledge of the tax system and her exceptionally friendly customer service all add up to a wonderful tax experience each year. I recommend Leslie and her firm to everyone I know!
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by gabe tilley on 4/6/2011
The Leslie j. Wilson Firm is the VERY VERY best!!! I have had some of the most difficult tax returns over the past 4 years and they have ALWAYS got me taken care of! There is noboby better from both a professional and a personal stand point. These people treat you like a member of the family!!!
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