Why Not Travel

P.O. Box 6741
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: 573-636-5714
Website: www.why-not-travel.com

About Us

Why Not Travel offers tour packages to our customers in the Midwest. Whether you are looking for a mini-vacation, a gambling trip, a sightseeing tour, a one day trip or a relaxing cruise the answer is Why Not Travel. As you browse the website you will see some of the most remarkable destinations throughout North America. With special attention to details and planning, our goal is to provide our travelers with an unforgettable experience at a fabulous value filled with sightseeing, history, culture and fun! A little bit about us.... Why Not Travel is a tour company that has been serving Missouri and Illinois since 1983. We provide a variety of tour packages offering outstanding value, quality and service. These include guided motorcoach and air Tours, as well as cruises to travel destinations in the United States and Canada. We cater to the many needs of our customers. This includes everything from private Tours for special interest groups to general Tours open to all individuals. You may be asking why travel with a group via motorcoach? Our customers tell us the number one reason is the fun, laughter and companionship. That is followed closely by how much more you can enjoy traveling when you don't have to plan what to do, make the arrangements, look for overnight accommodations and most importantly you don't have to drive. It is not surprising that you can see so much more when you are not watching the traffic and looking for your exit. It's a great way to see the country! We take care of all the details so you can relax and enjoy your vacation! We design each tour to provide you with a terrific vacation experience at the best value. All sightseeing and admissions included in each itinerary are prearranged and priced into the cost of your tour. We select lodging that is conveniently located, modern, clean and reasonably priced. We include meals on each tour, again with the focus on convenience, good quality and reasonable prices. Where possible, we choose restaurants that offer local cuisine and a complete dining experience. However, we also leave some meals open so you are free to choose your own selections. We charter motorcoaches which feature the latest touring designs to insure your comfort and best viewing. All coaches are air-conditioned and lavatory equipped. We arrange the itineraries with enough free time for individual interests and exploration. And finally the tour director is always available to offer information, helpful tips and above all to make sure you are having the time of your life! Our Mission: Our mission is to provide a worry-free, enjoyable travel experience which will enhance our customers lives by encouraging them to see and experience the world around them. We are dedicated to being a competitively priced tour company that provides excellent quality travel experiences with super friendly escorts.


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