Wedge Tire

2011 North Broadway
St Louis, MO 63102
Phone: (314) 621-2133

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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Wedge Tire.  Wedge Tire is located in St. Louis, MO and was established in January 1970.  The Dicker brothers, Barry and Ricky, started Wedge Tire in a corner bar on the 1900 block of North Broadway. Several years later they moved across the street to 2011 North Broadway, and expanded their location to encompass the entire city block. Throughout the years Wedge Tire has drove it's way as a dominant force in the commercial and industrial tire markets, servicing some of the largest companies in Missouri and Illinois. Today, Wedge Tire is the single largest warehouse of industrial forklift tires in Missouri. Equipped with a full fleet of service trucks for your commercial truck tire needs, as well as our two 200-ton mobile forklift tire press trucks, available to you on your premises or on the road, eliminating any down time for the industries that we serve.

Our Specialities:
Full line of Passenger & Light Truck 
Forklift Tires: Largest inventory in Missouri
Complete line of Pneumatic, Solid, & Steel banded press-on tires for all make/model lifts & applications
Full line of Large/Commercial Truck Tires 
(Commercial industry; semi-trucks etc.)
Standard Trailer Tires & wheels (ST Trailer only)
Lawn/garden/turf Tires
Skid Steer (bobcat tires) of all tread designs
OTR/Grader tires for larger jobs
Flat proofing poly foam-fill -
 "make any air tire a solid & never worry about flats or downtime for the life of the tire" 
Calcium pump fill
Flat Rate Service Calls to your location (No hourly rate, no fuel surcharge, or supplies fee)
2 - two hundred-ton mobile press trucks for quick and easy on-site pressing of forklift tires with minimal downtime
5 - fully functional mobile service trucks readily available (road service or on-site service for flat tires/blowouts etc.)
 "minimizing your downtime & maximizing your production" 


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