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The Tint Shop was first opened in 2003 on 5th St. in Washington, MO. It was run by only two individuals who wanted to be able to offer total sun control at prices the average working man could afford. Since then our location has moved, ownership has changed and product lines have been upgraded. All this was made possible by the support of our customer base. We rely greatly on ‘the word of mouth’ for return business and referrals, so to you-Thank You. After 5 years in business, we’re now located at 53 Norwood Court, Washington, MO. That’s just off Hwy 47. And with growth comes change, and our ownership is one of them. In January of 2008 the original owner sold out to Johnny Fischer, Sr. With the new ownership in place, this opened the doors for improved quality, products and service. We want to be able to give the BEST to our customers, so we branched out and brought into our staff one of the most experienced tinters in this area. With over 13 years experience, our lead tinter-Brian Bowers- is 100% committed to giving you the best quality products, service and craftsmanship for your money. And let’s not forget his one-of-a-kind custom tint creations, which you can check out in our ‘custom pics’ section. You can’t find anything like it anywhere!! Not only has our address changed, but our window film has been upgraded. We now use films made by G.I.S. Distributing, which are MADE IN THE USA!!! G.I.S. has been making top of the line window films for over 40 years and offer a NATIONWIDE manufactors LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!


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