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The Cotillion Room & Garden invites you to stop searching, take a deep breath and relax in our tranquil garden and beautiful cotillion room, picture perfect for your special day. With our ready-to-go, tastefully decorated hall and beautiful, peaceful garden you can start planning your special occasion without the added cost of decorating. *Need Help Planning?* We are a family run business and believe in happy and stress-free celebrations. We are here to assist you in planning your special occasion and make sure that you and your guests are comfortable and delighted to spend quality, stress-free time in our cozy atmosphere. *Nestled On Five Acres Near Secluded Woods* Though we are nestled in a 5 acre wooded area, we are conveniently located close to major highways, and very easy to find. Our facility can accommodate up to 200 guests. Our packages can include the complete setup for your special event. Feel free to give us a call,yes a real person will answer! ~smile~ We would love to chat with you and help you plan your special event. *Phone: 816-373-3456* *Email: ballet.ames@gmail.com*


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by Allen Ames on 2/9/2015
What an amazing and beautiful place so close to the city and yet so distant from the hustle and bustle of the world. Great prices, easy to work with wonderful location and atmosphere. Thanks Cotillion Room and Garden
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by Ron Kroeger on 5/20/2014
We had a great time and the atmosphere was amazing, Thanks Cotillion
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