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Susquehanna Auto Clinic has been a main stay of eastern Independence
for the last 24 years . Quality and Service are a standard of the auto repair
at Susquehanna Auto Clinic. Communication is top priorty with our customers. We inform them on what will be done with there vehicle and how much it will cost before any work is done. Our customer is informed with information so they can make good desisions on there vehicle repairs.

What kind of vehicles do we work on ?
  • Automobiles [ Imported and Domestic ]
  • Light Trucks and SUV vehicles. [Up to 1 ton] gas & Desiel
  • Vehicles under Fleet service contracts & Regular service contracts
  • Fleet Vehicles.
What kind of repairs does Susquehanna Auto Clinic Do?
  • Diagnostic drivabilty testing, Computer reprograming.
  • Brakes , bearings, axels & Drive-train
  • Alignment and Suspension work.
  • Preventive maintainance fluid services and inspections. Includes :
    Antifreeze Flush, Engine Oil & FIlter exchange, Transmission filter
    & Fluid Flush, Power Steering system flush, Brake Fluid system flush
  • Transmission repairs & replacement
  • Electrical Specialist, Alternators and Starters
  • Heating and Air conditioning work.
  • Coolant system and leak detection.
  • Power steering system repair
  • Timing belt service.
  • Winow glass replacement
  • Exhaust system replacement
  • Engine & Head repairs & replacement
We are your one stop Auto Repair Service Facility Call for Appointment 816-796-8900


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