Sewell Heating & Cooling

2949 Ashby Road
St Louis, MO 63114
Phone: 314-427-2900

About Us

Sewell Heating & Cooling has been providing business for over 60 years to the St. Louis area. Passed down three generations in the Sewell family, Sewell Heating & Cooling prides itself on familiarity and dedication to its St. Louis customers. With up-to-date training, our technicians are certified in consistently providing quality, industry-standard service to both residential and commerical sectors. With names you can trust like American Standard, Sewell H&C chooses high-efficiency equiptment for service and installation to heating and air-conditioning units, hot water tanks, and associated ventilation.

Having a small business mentality, Sewell H&C is able to provide individualized attention as well as competitive pricing to its clientele.
When it comes to letting someone into your home or business you want to know that you can trust that the company and its employees have integrity and your best intentions at heart. Sewell vows to provide that standard of excellence whether price quoting or responding to same day emergencies. Let us help you keep your heating and air-conditioning running smoothly by giving us a call today!


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