Sayre Auction

27198 Joiner Dr
Brookfield, MO 64628
Phone: (660) 258-2973



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by rj beeks on 4/5/2012
Never again will I take my animals to this auction. These people present themselves as having a legitiment Resgistered Longhorn Auction. It is nothing of the sort. There is nothing but junk/crossbreeds and what little registered longhorns they do sell. They allow a slaughter buyer to attend the sale and bid. Meanwhile while this registered longhorn sale is in progress, the employees are CUTTING OFF THE HORNS OF THESE GENTLE GIANTS out by the holding pens! What a slap in the face for us true Texas Longhorn Breeders. "Registration papers, "oh we don't want those, we are just going to throw them away anyway" says Bill Sayre - another slap in the face to us True Texas Longhorn Breeders. So I say to you Mr Sayre - Don't advertise your auction house as a registered texas longhorn spring sale, when all you sell is junk crossbred cattle and you have no respect for us TRUE LONGHORN BREEDERS - You are a disgrace to the Breeders and the Breed - Stick you junk sale where the sun don't shine. I will give this Auction house nothing but a bad reputation to everyone in the business including the ITLA, TLMA, TLBAA.
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