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Robert W. Manske, Attorney at Law, is a full service attorney, in Olathe, KS, dedicated to meeting the legal needs of the public since 1970. He specializes in quality service and excellent client relations. Robert W. Manske’s reputation for excellence comes from years as a former prosecutor and a hard hitting defense lawyer. His broad and versatile background with general litigation, family and criminal matters will assist you with any legal concerns you may have. He has spent time on both sides of the law. He’s been a police department attorney, County Attorney, and a Pro-Tim Judge. Robert has won misdemeanor and murder cases. He knows what is possible within Kansas Law to represent you properly.

Robert W. Manske Law Firm is committed to providing quality legal representation and personalized service. We represent individuals and businesses involved in civil and criminal matters. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants. We are mindful of the great expense which a client faces even in simple cases. Whenever possible, we attempt to use creative negotiations to further our client’s case.

His major areas of practice are:

-Criminal Defense [Felony, DUI, Traffic (Speeding, Accidents, etc.), Juvenile]
-Divorce and Custody
-Probate [Wills and Trusts, Real Estate, Pre-Nuptial]
-General Business Matters
-Oil and Gas
-Civil Litigation

Criminal Law
Innocent people often get charged with crimes. You can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Police Departments can make mistakes in investigations. Court appointed counsel don’t always have perfect results. You need your own attorney. Your first chance is your best chance. Robert W. Manske offers you 38 years of court experience for your criminal defense. He will make sure that your constitutional rights are protected.
Traffic Tickets & DUI
The loss of driving privileges can have lasting effects on your life. Police Departments often make mistakes and issue citations to the wrong person. Auto insurance premiums are grossly affected by tickets an convictions.

Divorce and Custody Law
Families have enough stress when separating and going through a divorce. There aren’t always easy solutions. Since 1970, I have been providing solid representation in Family Law. Even though the State Legislature tries to simplify the procedure, the truth is that your divorce needs will be different than you spouse and different from anyone that you know. Childrens’ needs are different from the parents. Let me guide and help you make a sensible solution.

Oil & Gas Law
Oil and Gas laws change frequently, as do the economics and other conditions affecting the Oil & Gas Industry. Rising gas and oil prices have created yet another rush to be involved in the Oil & Gas business. AT Robert W. Manske law office, we know the ins and outs o fthe industry. Whether you are a land owner, driller, or operator, we will provide you with the service and advice that you need to minimize problems and maximize your opportunities.

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