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R.M. Nelson Roofing Specialist in Sunrise Beach, MO is a locally owned and operated Residential & Commercial Roofing Contractor that has been in business for over 40 years in the Lake of the Ozark area.

We provide all types of roofing for commercial, industrial and residential properties.

We are fully licensed and insured.

We do 24/7 emergency roofing repair.

For all your roofing solutions call or “noodle” us today!

We do set Saturday and Sunday appointments for your FREE estimates.


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by Susan Gepford on 6/3/2015
Save yourself time and money, don't call RM Nelson Roofing. He was supposed to repair the roof on my sun room. The roof continued to leak. I called him many,many times during the "two year water tight" warranty. He came back twice and slopped roofing materials all over my deck, grill, guttering and never came back to clean his mess, as he promised. All he could provide was excuses for not doing the job. Now I have thousands of dollars in wood rot damage due to the water damage. He "no showed" on at least two occasions as well. This company owner has no interest in helping his customers. He takes the money and runs.
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