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ProTel Systems specializes in the installation, service and maintenance of communications systems. Our company was formed in 1983 in Springfield, MO to provide customers with superior customer service and the most advanced telecommunications services available. We strive to meet these objectives while maintaining the personal business touch of a locally owned and operated company.

ProTel provides our clients in Southwest Missouri with strong technical response and consulting services. With extensive experience in voice and data communication systems and services, our team can design, implement and maintain a solution that will improve the productivity of your entire business.

Our technical staff has over 150 years of combined telecommunications and data experience. And with 24/7/365 service available, Protel customers have peace of mind knowing that their critical business communications needs will be met.

Whether it's a single site installation for commercial communications or enterprise-wide deployment of IP telephony, at ProTel we firmly believe that the key to success is our commitment to building a real partnership with our clients.


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