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We specialize in bankruptcy, collection defense, and can help protect you and your property against the actions of aggressive creditors. We can file a bankruptcy case for you in the Eastern District of Missouri in St. Louis or the Southern District of Illinois in East St. Louis. If you are struggling with collection suits, wage garnishments, telephone harassment, and more debts than you can ever pay back, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy might be for you. If you are facing foreclosure, or you just want to get your payments under control, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy might be for you. We can also help you with your traffic tickets in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, and St. Charles County in Missouri. We practice in many other areas of the law, so contact us through this website or call us so we can evaluate your needs. Don't deal with complex legal issues on your own - call us today!


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by Trina Waggoner on 3/29/2012
Sean Paul and his staff made the bankruptcy process easy, took care of everything. Their rates are affordable and I highly recommend The PK Law firm, I have friends who are using them as I write this review and who are extremely pleased with the service they have received. Trina 3/29/2012
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