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309 South Ohio
Sedalia, MO 65301
Phone: 660-829-4333

About Us

Phillip T Sawyer is an attorney at law in Sedalia MO. With over 10 years of experience Phillip T Sawyer is the trusted legal advisor you need on your side. Specializing in criminal defense, DUI, DWI, personal Injury, and divorce; Phillip T Sawyer is there when you need him.

          After graduating from high school in Windsor MO he went to college on a basketball scholarship to Mo Valley in Marshall MO. When his playing days were over he decided he wanted to practice law and enrolled in the law program at UMKC.
He opened his practice in Sedalia MO with a family owned and family operated mindset. Phillip T Sawyer treats every one of his clients as if they are family. He is a loving father of two and a happily married man. He treats each person he comes in contact with the same way he would want someone to treat his family.

          Phillip T Sawyer is the attorney you need on your side when you need legal help in the Sedalia MO area. Whith his speciality being DUI/DWI and criminal defense law, Phillip T Sawyer is who you need to call when looking for an attorney in Sedalia MO.

           Whether you’re in need of some DUI help in Warrensburg MO or some criminal defense help in Sedalia MO and everything in between, Phillip T Sawyer is the attorney in Sedalia MO you need.


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by Josh Zolotor on 1/7/2012
i went to phillip when i had a problem, and he was honest about the situation and acted quickly and help me out alot. anytime i need any kind of legal help, i will keep going to see phillip sawyer!!
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