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National Church & Clergy, LLC is your locally owned and operated church bookkeeping, tax preparation and payroll preparation specialist for the Springfield, MO and surrounding area. If you are looking for a blend of personal service and expertise that specializes in ministers, churches, and foreign missionary tax, you have come to the right place! We also offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. Our rates are affordable. We service the entire United States and overseas. We have over 25 years of CPA experience and we only employ CPA’s, MBA’s and professionals as our full time staff. We treat you as more than just a number and we are personal and very friendly.

Our Company’s Christian ethics and reputation for providing quality service reflects the high standards we demand of ourselves. Our high standards, responsive service, and specialized staff are the difference between National Church & Clergy, LLC and the rest. We train regularly to keep up with the ever changing laws. All our work is done according to legal and ethical standards. We specialize in minimizing your liability to the IRS and keeping churches in compliance with the law.

Ministerial tax preparation can be very complex and usually overwhelms most people to fully understand. We also prepare minister and missionary US income tax returns including all states.  We know the rules because this is our specialty.  We know how to minimize your tax liability and pay as little unto Caesar as possible.  Our expertise will usually pay for itself.  We service all 50 state and around the world.

Payroll Preparation Services at National Church & Clergy, LLC can take the time and stress off of your church staff.  We can customize a program to meet the needs of your church.  We will work closely with all the staff to determine proper housing allowances if applicable and to minimize your their tax liability.  We can perform all payroll functions from our office including direct deposit of your payroll in addition to the annual or quarterly filing requirements.  We can prepare all quarterly and year end reports including 941's, 944, W-3, W-2's and 1099's. 

If your books are a mess, we can fix them.  This is our specialty at National Church & Clergy, LLC and we are trained and experienced to get your church in compliance at a minimal cost and low frustration.  We specialize in QuikBooks accounting software and staff Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisors and we are also familiar with many other church accounting programs.  Churches are our specialty.

Ask about our online Bookkeeping services using QuickBooks Pro.  You can now see all your financials from anywhere at your convenience.  You can now work from home or office.  We can even do the work for you and you can see the results.  Visit for details.

Other services that National Church & Clergy, LLC can provide for you is assisting in properly filling out the 501 (c) (3) application form to set your church or organization up as a not for profit ministry.  We also can be your advocate with the IRS and help you negotiate and resolve issues.  Call us or email us for more information or to answer any specific questions you may have about our services.

Ask about our New Compliance Check designed specifically for churches.  Did you know that a Pastor and the Board are liable when a church is out of compliance with the IRS?  We can customize different levels of compliance checks and consulting arrangements depending on the organization's needs.  Our services range from common day inspections to full compliance checks of all the books and accounting procedures.  We will also provide recommendations to the board regarding weaknesses and areas of concern. 

When the details get you down, call National Church & Clergy Tax & Accounting Services for a FREE consultation today at 417-863-6303.  Feel free to stop by our website to learn more at


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by Dick Hardy on 11/4/2011
Leslie Wilson is an outstanding accounting professional. She has helped me set up a non-profit and guide me through tax and non-tax issues related to the same. I highly recommend her and her firm to any ministry professional. She gets it and is thorough about it!
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by Michelle Harrison on 9/16/2011
Living in a foreign country and trying to file taxes with all the changing regulations can be daunting even for those who know what they are doing. Then there people like me! I trust NCC Tax implicitly and highly recommend their services for all your tax needs. They are Christians who understand our obligations to pay taxes living in this world, and they are up on all the newest rules and regulations. You can trust them to file your returns correctly and concisely which is not always the case with some tax preparers. I know other missionaries who are constantly having to check everything their tax preparer does to make sure it is correct. I have never once had to do that and I have never once had a problem. That is a testimony to their ability and professionalism. I'm very thankful for the service they provide and the spirit in which they do it!
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by Curt Brown on 9/8/2011
The professionalism is unmatched and the friendly, personal service is very much appreciated. The attention to detail and customer care is superb. I can reommend NCC Tax without hesitation to anyone seeking accounting services. I would not use any other firm.
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by Linda Emerson on 8/27/2011
Yes, Peace of Mind, that's what you get with National Church & Clergy Tax Service. I don't have time nor the interest to keep up on all the changes & updates that relate to our ever- changing government rules. So I sleep at night knowing NC&CTS is staying on top of things.
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by Kathy Arnold on 8/18/2011 (last edited on 8/18/2011)
I have worked for Jim and Leslie for almost two years now. I truly enjoy the professional AND Christian work ethic of each of the employers and employees. Even during tax season when stress levels are very high, the employees work calmly, displaying a Christian attitude and sometimes a much needed sense of humor! This is an environment in which I've always desired to work and so glad Jim and Leslie have given me the opportunity to be a member of their team.
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