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Were fast becoming the Premier New and Used Car Dealer on the Internet. All of this from a small town south of Kansas City. Were changing the way people shop for cars online. Whether youre looking for a new car or a used car, youve found the right Car Dealer. We make it easy to get a car loan, find the right car and get you on the road quickly and easily. We even have two parts departments so you can get the car part youre looking for, or you can use one of our two service departments and have us do your car repair. We carry new Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, Chrysler, Dodge, GMC and Jeep plus a wide range of used and pre-owned automobiles. Max Motors, more than just a new car dealership.


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by Rob Davis on 10/12/2013 (last edited on 10/12/2013)
The beginning of July 2013, I purchased a pre-owned vehicle from Max Motors. I found the vehicle I purchased along with 2 other vehicles on their website. I worked with a salesman who steered me toward the Escape which I now own. I was assured by the salesman that this vehicle was in good condition and as with all used vehicles, it was professionally cleaned and had been inspected before it was put on the lot. The dealers website confirms the same thing and also states if there is a repair they choose not to fix, they will disclose it. Very long story made short, I began having problems with the vehicle the day I drove it home and in just over 90 days have spent over $1465 on several different repairs. I was talked into a $1735 Preferred Service Contract administered by Mark Muller's former employer and it does not cover any of my repairs I had. To top it all off, I am awaiting an estimate for the rust damage on my Escape. The entire undercarriage is so badly rusted, large flakes of metal are coming off of the frame. According to the repair shop, it appears the vehicle sat in water or was subjected to a lot of salt. If these issues would have been disclosed, I would have insisted they be corrected or I would not have purchased this vehicle. 33 e-mails, 5 phone calls, some unfulfilled promises by the salesman after I complained, and 90 days later, Max Motors has done nothing for me. The general manager, Ben Love refuses to respond back to me. I have had it with this dealership. Never again.
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