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Hello and welcome to Longwire, my name is Rob Long. Longwire is a Kansas City based home and commercial technology company specializing in custom Low-Volt Wiring, Home Theater, Surround Sound, TV Wall Hangs, Whole House Audio, Media Streaming, Commercial Wiring, Video/Audio Matrixes, Smart Homes, Distributed Audio, Distributed Video, Universal Remote Control Systems and Computer Repair.

Longwire started in 2010 but the owners have a combined 25 years of experience in the field.


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by Lindsay Long on 4/1/2011
Longwire helped get my boyfriend's entire basement entertainment system up and running in a matter of a few hours. This included a 52" flat screen TV wall hang, in wall and ceiling surround sound speaker system, and PS3 hookup. No wires are visible, and everything is level as can be. Rob also offered us suggestions for improvements that we didn't know could be done like getting rid of our TV stand, putting our cable box in the closet and putting all our DVD movies onto a hard drive! This dude definitely knows the ins and outs of home entertainment!!! Rob is personal, friendly, reliable, and does a better job at a better price than competitors in the area. I would highly recommend him!
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