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Columbia, MO 65201
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Life is Sweet Massage Therapy located in downtown Columbia MO. offers therapeutic massage tailored to each individual clients’ needs.

Unwind and feel tension melt away during a Swedish Massage. Get relief from chronic pain with a focused Deep Tissue Massage. Harmonize and relax your entire body with a Reflexology Treatment.

Check out for a full list of services, ranging from Prenatal Massages to Hot Stone Therapy and Couples Massages.

Life is Sweet Massage Therapy offers massages starting as low as $30. Call or Noodle me today! You can also book online at

Life is Sweet Massage Therapy
Rachel McElroy, Licensed Massage Therapist


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by Venessa Graham on 11/12/2011
Rachel is great at what she does. She has a gift for making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Her massages and reflexology are great for pain relief and de-stressing. She is available and flexible for appointments, so I never have a problem booking. LOVE her!
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by Melissa T on 9/16/2011
I went to over a dozen spas and individual massage therapists before I found Rachel at Life Is Sweet, and I've never booked an appointment anywhere else since--she truly is amazing! What I love about Rachel's service is that she takes the time to talk to me about my body--where I hold tension, the ways in which my daily activities contribute to my aches and pains, etc.--and with regular appointments, I can feel the difference in my body and mental outlook. Far from just a relaxing experience (although it most certainly is that, too), Rachel's massages are an important part of my wellness plan, and I've noticed a difference in my sleep quality, in my flexibility while practicing yoga, and in my sitting and standing posture. I'm a total massage junkie, so I've tried over fifty therapists in the past ten years, and I can tell when someone is technically skilled at massage and when someone truly has a gift. Rachel definitely falls into the latter category, and I recommend her to everyone in my life who needs a little TLC, and without fail, they always thank me for sharing her! :)
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