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Lake Ozark Solar is a locally owned and operated Solar Panel Installation company with headquarters in Lake Ozark, MO. Lake Ozark Solar covers the entire State of Missouri including the major metropolitan areas of St. Louis, Kansas City, Jefferson City and Springfield.

Lake Ozark Solar specializes in solar applications for residential, commercial, and recreational use. Primary projects range from solar panels for roof tops of homes, to complete commercial solar applications for large businesses.

*Residential Solar Power Sales, Service & Installation
*Commercial Solar Energy Sales, Service & Installation
*Marina & Dock Solar Systems Sales, Service & Installation
*Solar Integration Design for Electricity & Installation
*Energy Audits

About Rebates & Refunds
Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that we will never run out of and the actual cells in solar panels can last up to a lifetime.  This green source of energy requires practically no maintenance and best of all, the heat from the sun is Free!  Matter of fact, in some locations, the combination of federal, state and local incentives can pay for its self in as short as 1-3 years.  Since the beginning of 2009, residential solar energy system installations have grown by 50%.  The Professionals at Lake Ozark Solar handle all of the credit/rebate paperwork and permitting handling for you to make your next solar installation hassle free for you.

Missouri Rebates & Funds for Solar Energy Projects

*Ameren's Photovoltaic Rebate Program
A rebate for generating and using photovoltaic energy.  Ameren Missouri Customers can receive a rebate of $2.00/watt of installed capacity, up to a maximum of $50,000 per installation. To be eligible, you must be an Ameren Missouri customer in good standing and be using a system installed on your property after Jan. 1, 2010.  
*  Standard Offer Contract
Individuals and businesses that generate solar energy also generate a solar renewable energy credit, or SREC, that can be sold to Ameren.  Learn more about how the Ameren Missouri Standard Offer Contract can offset some of your installation costs from the professionals at Lake Ozark Solar.
*  Energy Loan Program
Ameren Missouri Customers, local governments, and schools may be eligible for a zero-interest loan of up to $1 million to install energy efficient and renewable energy equipment.  Learn more about the Energy Loan Program at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.
*  Tax Deduction for Renewable Energy Generation
You may be eligilbe for a federal tax deduction after installing a solar energy system.  To learn more about this personal tax deduction for homeowners, visit the IRS website.

Example of a Solar Electric (PV) System 
$90.00 a month Electric Bill                                                               
-Contract Amount                                                                                 $32,920
-Incentives to Customer                                                                      $31,870
-Ameren UE-SREC Purchase                                                           ($5,544)
-Ameren UE-Photovoltaic Rebate Program ($2.00/watt-DC)    ($16,450)
-Federal Tax Credit (30%)                                                                  ($9.876)
-Net cost to install (after incentives)                                                   $1,050
Return on Investment (ROI)                                                                1 YEAR
Expected to Reduce Bill                                                                          100%

At Lake Ozark Solar we have taken great care in our selection of materials that we use often in the installation of solar panels throughout the state of Missouri.  Brands such as Sharp Solar Panels, SMA, Solar World and Enphase Energy Micro Inverters & Dock Systems.  Ongoing training continues to keep the technicians at Lake Ozark Solar sharp in the industry of polar panel installation and maintenance.  Lake Ozark Solar is fully licensed, insured and a member of the Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association.

Our Hours
The Lake Ozark Solar team is available to serve you Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Our after hours appointments are available by callng 1-888-785-7652.

Accepted methods of payment include Checks and we do offer Financing.

At Lake Ozark Solar our vision is to create a network of energy conscious individuals and businesser who are interested in making a difference in our communities, our environment, and our economy through incorporating Solar Energy.


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