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Labrador Paint And More has over 20 years experience in the painting industry. We are located in Columbia, MO. We specialize in Residential recoats..

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by Ashley Cosby on 10/1/2018 (last edited on 10/1/2018)
I was not his client, rather a neighbor of his client. But I can say that he was complaining loudly about having work around the homeowners shrubs and if it was his house he would remove them all and not care. I could hear him inside my house he was so loud. The next day my neighbor saw that he cut her one of her bushes in half without contacting her. She called, obviously upset, and he felt there was no issue with this at all because he wanted the bush out of his way. He was very disrespectful and talked down to her. Other shrubbery around the house was trimmed back at his request but he specifically said he could work around this bush. In arguing with the homeowner, he made references to woman and how every woman he’s ever worked for is just too emotional. When he came over to do more work Monday morning, my neighbor said before he did more work they needed to talk because she needed to know that nothing like this would ever happen again. He talked over her continuously, was blatantly disrespectful and acted erratically. It was all very unprofessional and messy behavior. I would NOT recomended him after the disrespect he displayed. I would give no stars if it was a choice. Homeowners beware of Timothy.
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