Kraus Automotive

915 South Belt West
Belleville, IL 62220
Phone: (618) 222-5982

About Us

Kraus Automotive is a full service shop.
We’re more than just experts; we’re also the right spot before and after things go wrong with your ride, giving you expert maintenance and repairs for whatever ails your car, truck or SUV.

We promise that the services we perform will be fixed right the first time. If the automotive repair or service was performed improperly, then we will re-perform the service at no additional charge to you, during the established warranty period.
We can fix your car A/C problems.

When your car becomes a green house your car A/C better be working! Maintaining your car’s air conditioner is key to keeping cool in the hotter months.
Bring your hot wheels in and we’ll check out your car A/C.

We’ll make sure it’s taking the hot air from your car, moving through the system properly and re-circulating cooler air back into the car’s cabin. Our A/C Performance Check thoroughly examines intricate A/C system components and their performance. This check is well worth it, and helps prevent you from taking a beating from the heat.

Our Engine Services include:
Standard Tune-Up
•Visual inspection of engine components
•Install Bosch spark plugs
•set timing and idle (if applicable)
•12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty*
Filter Replacement
•Air filters
•Fuel filters
•6 month/6,000 mile warranty*
Fuel System Cleaning
•3-step process to remove carbon deposits on fuel injectors
•Improves fuel system performance
•12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty*
Other Engine Services
Your auto’s engine may occasionally require more than a tune-up. After inspecting your vehicle, our technicians may recommend other services for the health of your engine:

•Oil and oil filter change
•Fuel pump
•Crank case vent filter
•Vapor canister filter
•PCV valve
•Ignition wires
•Ignition module
•Engine sensors, including oxygen sensor
•Coil pack
•Distributor cap and rotor

Transmission Service
Repairing or replacing your transmission can be one of the most expensive repairs you may have to make on your vehicle. Maintaining your transmission according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, not only prolongs its life but it can prevent a costly repair or breakdown in the future.

To help maintain a safe and constant operating temperature, your vehicle uses transmission fluid to cool and lubricate the moving parts. The fluid reduces the amount of potentially damaging heat inside the transmission and helps increase the life of this important system.

Because some of the ingredients in the transmission fluid break down over time due to this heat, many vehicle manufacturers recommend the fluid be replaced at specified maintenance intervals.

Oil Change and Oil Filter
Air, Fuel, Cabin Air and Transmission Filters
Starters and Alternators
Brake Service -
Brakes Shoes, Disc Pads
Brake Shoes, Disc Pads, Calipers and/or Wheel Cylinders,
and Brake Installation
Shocks and Struts
Steering & Suspension
Alignment Service


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