Kirksville Auto

29962 Steer Creek Way
Kirksville , MO 63501
Phone: (660)216-1925

About Us

Kirksville Auto Sales is a special used car dealer in Kirksville MO. We sell cars at good prices and the best thing we have to offer customized warranties. We stand by every used car sold and give consumers protection ensuring they are buying a good pre-owned car.


Another thing that separates our auto dealership apart from the others is the financing options we offer. That means you do not have to pay the whole amount of the car to drive it off the lot. Most used car dealerships do not operate like that. But we give our customers many different options at honest interest rates that are next to nothing. We offer used car loan options to help you out. Auto-loan interest rates are down, so many are wanting finance deals.


Our dealership sells all makes and models, everything from Honda's to used Ford's. Also we will consider all trade in's.  We can help you find out your cars exact trade-in value.


Kirksville Auto Sales has the Best for Less! You will save a lot of money if you work with us. Times are hard and things are tight in the economy. We all need to find ways to save money. Here at Kirksville Auto Sales we believe that you can save money if you buy a car from us. We help our customers find exactly what they are looking for within there price range. Most used car dealers just want to sell you anything, here at our dealership we try to find the local residence of Kirksville MO exactly what they are looking for. No matter if it is leather seats that you are looking for or it is a particular color we have a special service that finds you the car that you want. 


We help customers find the perfect used truck for there particular needs. We help farmers and construction contractors get the work truck fit for the use of there job. That is valuable because good used trucks are hard to find in Kirksville MO. Everybody wants a good truck and it is a good thing if you can find a dealer that you can trust. We believe to be just what your looking for.



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