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About Us

Jones Air and Water’s speciality is air and water products and services that enhance easy living in the home. Products the we handle are high efficiency water systems, air filters, air purification systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, water softeners, scale eliminators, walter filters, water purification, disinfection products, iron filters, ozone, chlorinators, pumps, pressure tanks and ultra violet.

We service all types of equipment including water softeners, water purifiers, filters, heaters, humidifiers, pumps, tanks, dishwashers, ice makers, washing mashines, disposals, high efficiency air filters, air purifications, dehumidifiers, pressure tanks, water coolers, and disinfection products.

Everett Jones, CWS-V, CI has over 15 years of experience in the service industry as a heating, cooling, ventilation, water and air technician.

Current Certification: Certified Installer (CI), Certified Water Specialist (CWS-V), Certified Class C Operator

Some of our commercial customers include:

Boat Harbors
Heating & Cooling Companies
Commercial Dry Cleaners
Commercial Laundries
Finance Offices
County Detention Facilities
Bowling Alleys
Automotive Specialty Stores
Moving & Storage Companies
Convenience Marts
Cocktail Lounges
Food Manufacturers

Iron?Jones Air & Water proudly sells the following products for iron & rust removal:

The Ecosmarte – A chemical free iron and odor removal system (changes all ferrous iron to ferric iron)
Bauer Better Water Systems Model T1054 Softener for ferrous or clear water iron removal
Pentair Model 268/762 Filter for ferric or red iron removal

Jones Air & Water will test your water and let you know the system that best fits your needs!


Chemical Free ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Water Treatment!
No Salt, No Chlorine, No Scale, No Bacteria
Pools, Ponds, Spas, Water Falls, Water Walls, Cooling Towers & Well Water!
call now or visit WWW.ECOSMARTE.COM


Most Efficient Compact Residential Reverse Osmosis! – Installs to fridge, coffee makers, ice makers and sink. – Clean clear full ice cubes, Great tasting beverages and food! Call NOW and SAVE! Reg Price 845.00 Sale 745.00 Includes install tax, custom faucet, and hookup to fridge!

Bauer T5000 Twin Tank Unlimited Capacity Water Softener- The world’s most efficient use of salt and water!
Pentair Model 6700 Single Tank Metered Water Softener- From 16,000 to 120,000 grains capacity
Scalenator 2000- Uses no salt, water or electricity in the prevention of scale buildup inside plumbing, fixtures and appliances!

Jones Air & Water offers Water Purification Systems for high purity water or Carbon Filtration Systems for higher quality tap water ~


Delivering Carbon Filtered Water comparable to name brand spring waters sold in stores at pennies per gallon!
Plastic bottles from water are overflowing landfills and use millions of barrels of oil each year to produce ~Save thousands of dollars and help the environment!Be your own water system!

DisinfectionBacteria in you water can make you sick! Water can contain Coliform Bacteria, E-Coli, & Parasites which can make you and your family ill. Jones Air & Water can provide testing and equipment to safeguard your water supply from bacteria that can cause painful and costly illness. We offer both Chemical Free Ultra Violet Sanitation and Liquid Disenfection

Do you have water problems including odor, poor taste, off color, sediment, iron, & PH balance?

Jones Air & Water offers a wide variety of media based filtration products specially designed to meet and correct each customers individual needs.

Our systems are custom built for you using Pentaire valves and controls! Pentaire is the nations 2nd largest producer of water valves.

We at Jones Air & Water can test YOUR water to help determine the system that best address your particular needs.

Heat is your friend. Dryness the enemy.In order to make your home as comfortable as possible, you need to add moisture to the air. Doing so reduces dry throat and skin, static shocks, keeps furniture and your home from drying out and increases energy efficiency. It’s become well known that a home with moisture feels warmer than a dry home, even at lower temperature settings. It’s easy for anyone who has experienced a humid St. Louis summer day to understand what a differance some moisture in the air can make in how warm you feel!
Humid air feels warmer on your skin.Jones Air & Water installs and services a variety of products that will increase the humidity in your home. This will allow you to turn down your thermostate and still feel comfortable thereby saving you money! Allow us to help you cut down your long term energy usage by installing a low cost, high efficency humidifier by Aprilaire!

Jones Air & Water installs and services a variety of products that will decrease the humidity in your home. Allow us to help you cut down your long term energy usage by installing a low cost, high efficency dehumidifier by Aprilaire!


“Our tea is now orange, instead of brown and foamy and all of our beverages taste as they should! Our dishes are crystal clear.”
Thanks Everrett!" Terry Black, Super Smokers Eureka, MO

“Our glass blocks and black tile in our showers no longer have scale and residue.”
Jim Keller, Keller Construction Edwardsville, IL

“My water no longer has chlorine, bad taste, iron, or sediment. We now enjoy drinking our tap water!”
Nick Matulawic Portage des Sioux, MO.

“We now use half the soap products we used and enjoy much softer skin too thanks to the water softener installed by Jones Air & Water.”
John Taylor St. Charles, MO.

“I can not believe how we lived without the Terminator Water Conditioner! Our skin is softer, our water is clear and taste so much better. Our clothes even stay brighter longer!”
John Briggs Warrenton, MO

“We love our water now! We drink so much more!!”
Kathy Long

“We use so much less salt with our Bauer T-5000 water softener. We truly enjoy our soft water now!”
Jack Kalber 314-515-3153


Phone: (636)899-1040

Toll Free: (888)379-2243

Fax: (636)899-1438


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