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About Us

Inflatable Rentals rents out all types of party favorites from bouncy houses to obstacles courses to water slides. We are a great source of party rentals and we offer deals for multiple inflatables rented. My brother David and I decided to get in business and offer inflatables at a price the average person can afford. Our prices are very cheap when compared to the competition. The obstacle course is $100 dollars cheaper than the local rental companies and the octadome is a multi-game bounce house that is quite a deal. Most rental companies rent out a jousting pit for $300 by itself. This octadome has the joust pit, plus a boxing arena you use oversized boxing gloves with, a volleyball net, basketball goals, badmitten, and a twister game that goes in it!! This is a very cool rental!!! We serve the Joplin area, Miami area, and Parsons area.  We have also added a 60' camoflauge obstacle course that has an 18' slide($300).  This can be used as a water slide also.  We have a 16' slide(wet or dry) and a 32' two lane slip n slide with pool.  Both of these rent for $200.  While we are cheaper than the other companies, where we really stand out is when you rent multiple items.  We package stuff together and have saved churches and schools up to $700 when they have rented 5-7 items. 


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