Fischer Body Shop

509 West Versailles
California, MO 65018
Phone: 573-796-2551

About Us

Dear Unlucky Driver,

It’s a fact: sometimes bad things happen to good drivers.

That other driver was sure the light was yellow.

That fella on the cell phone who certainly should have been paying more attention.

That deer you’re sure smelled of bourbon.

But – when they do – know that you have someone waiting to make your repairs go quickly and willing to take care of all the insurance hassles for you.

Now with three locations, Fischer Body Shop’s developed its reputation by hiring the best guys in the business, investing in the latest technology to improve turn-around times, and by getting unlucky drivers back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

That’s why we always say we’re … fixin’ big problems … cars too.

Curt and Devin Fischer
Fischer Body Shop


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