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We are a full service Collision Repair Center. Here at F&S we can repair everything from a small door ding or scratch to a major disaster or accident. We can handle your insurance claim from start to finish for you and assist in setting up your rental needs. We gladly accept non-insurance claim related issues also. Sometimes you may have a repair needed that doesn’t involve insurance and we can handle that for you too.

We can also facilitate repairs on larger commercial vehicles and fleets as well. Here at F&S Collision, we are able to address your needs and answer your questions. Call or stop by anytime and we will be happy to assist you. F&S Collision Repair is your full service auto body repair shop.


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by Kate Hawkins on 9/10/2012
I took a job at F&S Auto Collision Repair, only wanting to make some money and pay for gas. I never knew my new co-workers would be the most understanding, patient, and professional people I've ever met. People come in and are immediately assisted. The phone rings no more than 4 times before it's answered. On average, 6 to 9 cars are completed per week. I'm proud to work at F&S Auto Collision Repair.
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by Chad Sherman on 4/17/2011
Has fixed several parts of my vehicle, and has the upmost respect for his customers!
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