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DTS Custom Homes specializes in new residential home construction. We operate two offices located in Fayetteville, AR and Joplin, MO. Our state of the art construction and outstanding customer service makes us Joplin’s preferred builder.

We’re are insured, we’re accredited members of the Better Business Bureau and we’re Joplin Chamber of Commerce Members. Our home construction team has built 100+ homes in the last couple years. We have the experience to build your next home and we pride ourselves as being one of the premier, affordable home builders of the Joplin area.

Let us show you the true value of a DTS Custom Home. Outstanding Quality, Exceptional Value.


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by Nathan Robinson on 9/11/2012
I'd be very wary of using DTS Custom Homes. Plan on spending 5-10% of the cost of the home for repairs in the first 5 years based on my experience. We had to completely replace the shower at a cost of $2500 because it was not built to any known standard. They used drywall instead of concrete board. There was no pre-slope in the shower pan. The shower pan liner was leaking. They put wood framing inside the shower pan liner. The drywall was soaked an moldy after only one year. Their one year warranty says it doesn't cover cracks in concrete, so they didn't see a need to put control joints in my 100+ foot driveway. Now it's cracking and crumbling. I doubt they put any steel reinforcement in it, either. A structural engineer told us that they used a garage door header that was designed for a one story house in our garage and the upstairs floor joists are causing it to bend. We have cracks in our brick due to the stress on the beam. Tom said the house was just "settling" and we should replace the bricks. When we were buying the house, Tom told us that he would stand by it for ten years, no matter what the warranty said, but after we bought the house he became extremely hard to reach. His wife stopped responding to our e-mails. Now he has stopped returning our calls. Bottom line: you get what you pay for. Next time, I'll go with a reputable builder.
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