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Dr. Scott Hollis is a Chiropractic Physician, Board Certified Chiropractic Internist, and Chiropractic Pediatrician proiding PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN services with All-Natural, Holistic, & Preventative Full Body Health Care serving Eastern Jackson County Missouri - Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Lee's Summit, Independence and many more communities for over 7 years!

Surprised! . . . Intriqued! . . . CALL TODAY to learn more!  816-228-LIFE (543)

Our Mission: To provide affordable Primary Health Care to families in Blue Springs, and the surrounding metro, through Integrative Functional Medicine, Pregnancy, Pediatric and Adult Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Nutrition, and Wellness Care.

Dr. Hollis is different, unlike any other Chiropractic Physician, he is also a Board Certified Chiropractic Internal Medicine Doctor and Chiropractic Pediatrician.  He is Unique, and is willing to prove it to you! All he asks is for an opportunity to sit down and interview him on his beliefs and practice policies, to get to know him as a person and as a doctor.

The initial consultation is always a flat fee of $45, which allows Dr. Hollis to discover what health concerns you have and to decide if your case is one that can benefit from Holistic Chiropractic Wellness Care and, therefore, if he can accept you as a New Practice Member into the clinic.  Adjustments are currently a flat fee of only $35 for full-spine / pelvic adjustments!


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by Anonymous Former Patient on 7/3/2018
Dr. Hollis is money hungry and arrogant. He claims to be "holistic" but does nothing more than continuously try to sell you on any service and supplement that he can talk you into. I thought his adjustments were decent but after going to a different chiropractor, who truly does treat the whole body (and doesn't charge a ridiculous consultation fee), I realize now that even his adjustments were only so-so at best. In addition to his overcharging, he's not very nice to his staff. He also says one thing one visit then completely contradicts himself the next. To be seen by him is a waste of your time and money. Even if you give him a try, you will eventually see through him. It took me 6 months and a lot of money to figure it out but I did and I will NEVER go back, nor would I recommend him to anyone.
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by Shay Bruns on 6/8/2016
TERRIBLE right from the start. First, the Dr. on his way in was cussing at a lady in the parking lot. So if that wasn't bad, I was told my first treatment would be $135 and was charged $175. The second treatment was told $35 and was charged $96! both times I was charged more than I was told. I can overlook the cussing but being charged DOUBLE what I was told! DO NOT GO unless you want your money stolen!
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by Rachel Lopez on 5/19/2016
Dr. Hollis genuinely cares about making sure you feel better and are WELL. He looks for causes to treat, not just symptoms. When I injured myself the day before Mother's Day, I was able to reach him and get some much needed relief so my Mother's Day was not ruined. Within 3 treatments, I was back to my normal self! Look no further for great, EFFECTIVE, treatment.
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by Rachel Boehm on 4/18/2013
Dr. Hollis is very personable and really knows his stuff. Ever a skeptic and one who researches everything, I can tell you that he knows it backwards and forwards. He is able to talk to you straight about it and answers every question you have. He goes out of his way to educate and be there for his patients when he needs them. Top notch if only he could be more organized he would get the illusive 5 stars. Cash services rival any co-pay and he is willing to work with ins. as long as you file your own claims
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by Rena Hern on 11/29/2010
I have been having chronic neck pain off and on for years, culminating in continual neck pain that would not go away no matter how many ibuprofen or naproxen tablets I took, what kind of pillow I used or in what position I sat or slept. I began treatment with Dr. Hollis in late summer. After several months , my neck pain has diminished. Through Dr. Hollis's intelligent and caring approach to treating my neck, I have been pain free for over a week. Dr Hollis brings heart and compassion, as well as passion to his work. His dedication to his patients and people in general is always evident and I am grateful for ongoing concern for my health and overall well being. Rena H.
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