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38708 E. Hudson Road
Oak Grove, MO 64075
Phone: 816-229-2779

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Welcome to Do-Right Builders Remodeling Inc. We have been in business since 1992, providing complete home remodeling projects to the Kansas City Metropolitan area. We have over 35 years of experience, providing spectacular remodeling jobs, room additions, and many more services. We have a long list of satisfied customers. Services we offer include Basement Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, Deck & Screened in Porch Services and Complete Home Remodeling and Home Addition Services.


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by Nancy Page on 9/18/2019
DITTO to ALL the 1 STAR reports!!! Listen to US - we are telling the truth! I was Threatened and given an ultimatum by the owner Mike McCarthy because I posted this negative remark?! Really...Everything I'm stating is The Truth...guess he CAN'T Handle The Truth! I had to fire him and his contractors he hired for my Master Bath remodel. The contractors...Darryl and his other brother Darryl. One of his contractors brought his 12-year-old son to my home while he was supposed to be working on my remodel!!! Mom had something to do! OMG - can you say LIABILITY! That was minimal to what happened. I had to project manage their daily "efforts". I stopped the project twice and each time they had to tear out and start ALL over again. Could not even hang or cut bead board correctly. Used edge trim for corner trim - sanded bead board down and exposed the under boarding - thought nothing of it. When I pointed it out to Mike McCarthy and his contractors their response: " Well you are painting over it anyways right?" I had a closet project started and they "attempted" to complete? Upon hanging cloths in the closet to "test" it out … the rods are crooked; the braces fell out and the shelves are so wide I can't get my hangers on the rods! They did not clean up after each day until I got upset and brought it to their attention. They used old drywall and patched my ceiling and walls - I found this out when they had to tear out their? work? They don't even know how to apply caulk - it is smeared all over the bead board and once dried is virtually impossible to remove - so this is only a "touch" of the problems I encountered. A project that should have been completed in 2 maybe 3 weeks - I ended up firing them at 7 weeks, and I am left with nothing and they took/stole $10,000 of my money. I have no more completed than when they started day one. I asked for money back, I was told, " there is no money, go ahead and sue me, you won't get anything!" STAY AWAY …. FAR FAR AWAY - Please learn from my experience and the many others who have fallen VICTIM to this So Call Do It Right business. They DO NOTHING RIGHT!!!
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