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Mission, KS 66202
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Phone: (913)236-6886

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Hours: Mon - Sat 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sun 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (weather permitting) Diamond Finish Car Wash and Detail Center in Mission, KS is your one-stop shop for all of your car wash needs. Your vehicle is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we use modern cleaning equipment, train the best crews, and use environmentally friendly soaps and cleaners. From sport utility to luxury sports cars and classics, we guarantee your vehicle will leave our wash sparkling clean. If you are not satisfied with your service, please let us know at that time and we will re-wash the vehicle for you Expect great customer service and friendly employees at Diamond Finish. _________________________________________________________________ 2-Day Clean Car Guarantee! When you purchase a full service wash, we guarantee you a clean car for 2 days. Bring in your receipt and we’ll give you the exterior version of the wash on your receipt, if purchased, tire dressing will now be included. Exterior wash: come back within 2-days, pay only $3.00, get the same wash on your receipt (receipt must be present.) If purchased previously, tire dressing will be included. Valid for vehicle on receipt only. Not valid with any other offer. Come by and see us today at 5960 Barkley St. in Mission, KS. or Call us at 913-236-6886!


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by Lisa S on 2/21/2014
DO NOT GO THERE! I started with several good experiences for a basic wash. On my last visit, I was asked if I had signed their Ford Fussion disclaimer. I said I had been there several times, and did not know what they were talking about. The worker said there was a problem with the Fusion mirrors and the car wash was not responsible for any damage. I hadn't had problems before so I went on with the car wash. That visit my MIRROR WAS DAMAGED. It is going to cost nearly $500 to fix! There are so many Ford Fusions on the road, it must be a problem with their washer and not the car. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!
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by Josh F on 2/3/2013
Pricing was a little high, but I was okay with that. The service and the management were horrible. My brand new truck had been off the dealership lot for less than a month when I took it in for a "Diamond Plus" wash. When I got in my truck to leave, I noticed a gouge in the leather steering wheel. When I pointed this out to the staff, the manager just kept insisting that it couldn't have been their fault because the guys who washed my truck weren't wearing any rings. He kept asking me "how did it happen?" I don't know how it happened, but I can definitely tell you when it happened and that is the 10 minutes the truck was in the custody of their employees. I will NEVER utilize this car wash again. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE!!
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by Tim Phelps on 5/19/2012
This car wash broke off my mirror during the tunnel wash. They immediately made a case to blame me for the mirror being broken, they refused to do anything about it including discounting any services. The manager is a moron and was a complete jerk about it. Even after I told them i would never go back their attitude had nothing but a blame the customer mantra. Even though I asked for an owner or someone more superior to call me, never received a call or a call back when i left messages. They clearly only want to communicate through the legal system. (And online reviews.) I will never do business here again and I suggest you do not as well.
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by Plam Plam on 12/15/2011
Not only did Diamond Finish Car Wash and Detail Center at 5960 Barkley Street in Mission, KS do a terrible job of cleaning my car, they broke my radar detector into three pieces. Even worse, not only did no one report this problem to me, the employees refused to admit it happened. This is evidence that the owners and management tolerate deceit, which is why I will never patronize Diamond Finish Car Wash again. I paid $15 for $5 worth of work and maybe $300 in expenses.
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by Jeff Kocen on 11/30/2011
I used an offer I purchased through Groupon for a superior carwash which is $25.99. I can tell you do not go there. They did not provide the services listed for this wash. Exterior was still wet in many places, mats were not mechanically cleaned and the tires were not dressed. Go to Green Lantern and buy their $8 wash for the same quality of wash I received. I spoke to the manager and he said bring it back in 2 days. I told him I do not get to Mission often and it would be several weeks before I'd be back. He said no way. Now how is that for service. Why use Groupon to promote your business and then provide bad service. AVOID AVOID AVOID Diamond Finish Carwash.
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