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My name is Peter Riney, local owner and operator of Critter Control of Central Missouri. I am a Wildlife Management Professional specializing in nuisance wildlife control. After receiving my B.S. from Mizzou in 2004 I immediately started working for Critter Control. Over six years later, my family owns and operates this local branch of a nationwide franchise. Critter Control has the knowledge and experience to solve all of your wildife problems.

From squirrels and raccoons to moles and bats to snakes and mice, we specialize in vertebrate pest control.
Please give me a call today to schedule a thorough inspection to solve your pest problem.


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by sally silvers on 7/26/2011
“PESTIMONIAL” The old saying “you get what you pay for” certainly holds true in the case of Critter Control of Central Missouri. Peter Riney and his team are worth every cent spent to get the home front under control from the critters. I first met Peter after encountering a raccoon family living around my house and yard. First impressions, both in print and in person, help. Critter Control has a national website and links one to the local business. This ensured confidence and legitimacy to me. I called and Peter came immediately. From the start, I knew exactly what the procedure entailed, plus the cost. And that is exactly what happened. There were no surprises. Thinking I was finished with these “pests” proved not to be true. I began encountering more difficult issues, believed to be caused by a construction problem. Although an attempt by a construction team did not solve the problem, out of desperation I called Peter in hopes that maybe he had a different perspective. He did! Peter determined that my construction problem was caused by CRITTERS, and thus began a labor intensive, unpleasant task of crawling under my entire deck, digging under my house, and critter proofing and repairing the damaged area while actually lying on the ground. Needless to say, not only is the problem finally fixed, but guaranteed as well. I keep trying to find reasons to employ Peter again! It is refreshing to find a young business owner, so bright and knowledgeable in his field, so willing to come any time of the day or night for emergencies, but also so honest and trustworthy. You can be assured that you will not regret contacting and utilizing Critter Control of Central Missouri. Your peace of mind will be more than paid for.
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by De'Nel Holliday on 6/26/2011
Critter Control came out to get rid of a terrible bat problem at my grandma's house. They were professional, punctual, and extremely friendly and helpful. The bats are gone, and now we can sleep a lot better. Critter Control runs an excellent service. Thanks!!!
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