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Creature Comforts, located in Joplin, MO, provides in home pet services for all types of pets including small mammals (gerbils, hamsters), birds (parrots, parakeets), light livestock (a few horses, cows, goats), reptiles and amphibians, and the usual companion animals - dogs and cats. The services range from caring for pets while the owners are out of town (pet sitting), even if just overnight or a long vacation, to dog walking during the day or early evening which can be very beneficial for those with long hours who need a little extra help for pet care, to even transporting pets (pet taxi) to and from the vet, groomer, or daycare if the owner is unable to do so because of their work hours or injury/illness.

We even offer pet services such as:

  • overnight sitting for homeowners and their pets when needed
  • personal shopping for pet care items and other personal shopping needs

Our fees are based on visits to the home:

  • $17 / visit for 1 - 3 pets
  • $20 / visit for 4 - 6 pets
  • Fee negotiable for over 7 pets or for pets requiring more detailed care such as medication, injections, watering outside plants, overnight stays if needed, etc.
  • Pet taxi or transportation has an additional charge of $5 if destination location is within 10 miles of client's home and $7.50 if 11-20 miles from the home.

Clients determine how many visits are necessary for their pets while they are away on vacation and range from one to four visits per day depending on the type of animal and the needs for the animal. (ex. Most cats are okay for one time a day while some inside dogs or medication clients may need 2 -4 visits per day.)

Marcia Kay Foster is the founder and owner and pet sitter, dogwalker, and pet care expert has worked over three years for a veterinarian and started Creature Comforts in Joplin in 2001. She is well-versed in animal care and aniimal behavior. Clients agree that the care web provide for pets goes above and beyond expectations. See testimonials on her website. She truly cares about the pets' well being and mental and physical health, and monitors them closely and report activities and will notify you immediately with any concerns or emergencies.


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by Terry Richardson on 9/3/2012
Okay, I know there are probably a LOT of people out there who have used Creature Comforts and have just been too lazy to get a review done...like me... I first used Creature Comforts service about six months ago. I think the title of this review should indicate my level of satisfaction. For a VERY reasonable charge your family creature can stay in the comforts of their own home, isn't that what you would want, rather than being kept in a PEN (short for penitentiary?) or a kennel? Not me, if you're leaving me behind while you trapse off on vacation at least let me stay at home with a stack of DVDS & pizza coupons! You do LOVE ME, don't you? Okay so CALL Creature Comforts!
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