Concord Auto Body

10700 Tesshire Dr
St. Louis, MO 63123
Phone: 314-843-9331

About Us

Concord Auto Body, Inc. stands alone when it comes to pleasing, educating, and setting standards in the collision industry. Established in 1978, Concord Auto Body, Inc. has been serving the St. Louis Metropolitan area with the best in collision auto repair. Family owned and operated in Affton, Missouri, on Tesshire Drive. SERVICE AND RESPECT
Those are terms we take seriously. This is why Concord Auto Body, Inc. is the premier collision repair shop in St. Louis. We stand behind our work! So much so, that we are the only collision repair shop that offers a FREE LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY. Here at Concord Auto Body, Inc., we do not give concessions to insurance companies, rather, we stick with a high standard of repair.

No one should ever decrease the value of your vehicle because of our workmanship. We will educate you on your rights as a consumer and what to expect from a top notch collision repair shop. 2010 Concord Auto Body | 10700 Tesshire Drive, Affton, MO 63123 | 314-843-9331 | website: Dale


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