8257 Hedge Lane Terrace
Shawnee, KS 66227
Phone: (913) 441-2111

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Showroom Finish CARSTAR is owned and operated by Fred Goebel. Fred has been in the collision repair business for 22 years. This is a new collision repair location in a growing area.

Showroom Finish CARSTAR works well with all insurance companies and offers the CARSTAR nationwide warranty.

Showroom Finish CARSTAR is dedicated to exceptional customer care through out the repair process. Were absolutely committed to being our industrys best in tending to our customers needs.

If you’ve been in an accident, the last thing you need is more stress. Especially when it comes to car repair. That’s why CARSTAR was founded. We’re committed to making the repair process as quick and as painless as possible. In addition to being the country’s largest group of collision repair stores, we also offer the industry’s most comprehensive warranty. So if you do have an accident, take your vehicle to CARSTAR. We guarantee it will be repaired quickly, reliably and at a reasonable price. That’s what we mean when we say “Relax, We’ll Take It From Here.”


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by Bob Lockett on 4/13/2017
Six figure car to a rolling disaster. Fred Goebel is a con man. You deal with him and you deserve what you're going to get. He reduced a one-off collectible muscle car that I've taken care of for 44 years to a rolling piece of crap. He was to only apply a clear coat. Dropped the car off the trailer and trashed the front clip. Didn't tell me and tried to hide the damage. Painted the car the wrong shade. Huge goobers in the paint. Runs galore. Delivered the car months late and did not even come close to finishing the job. Installed another car's passenger rear view mirror. Left compound splattered all over the interior. Grinder marks all over the chrome. Ran personal errands in the car for some time without my permission when it needed an immediate oil change due to fuel in the crankcase. And then delivered the car COVERED inside, underneath, and out with the road dust the leads to his shop (in the middle of a junkyard) in Eudora, Kansas. Now the worst part. He has refused to do anything about it during months of song and dance excuses and is now hiding in Florida. Don't like this, Fred? Think this is unfair or incorrect? Sue me.
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by Fred Goebel on 12/8/2010
I could not believe the tremendous service. The parts were on time and the repair was accomplished in three days. I have never experienced such 5-star treatment from an automotive company." - Y.J. "It was a real pleasure not only working with you but my car looks great! You all seem to go the extra mile and I want you to know how refreshing it is to me. Thanks so much." - D.B. "The CARSTAR people were very pleasant and professional. I especially appreciated having my car cleaned before being returned to me." - C.H.
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