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Brick City Painting and Drywall is a locally owned and operated company managed by Chad Jeffries. Manager Chad Jeffries and Foreman Brad Gibbons’ 15 and 20 years of painting and drywall experience, provide a professional, quality service tailored to customer satisfaction. Brick City is located at 416 W. Love Street in Mexico, MO. Manager Chad Jeffries is lead paint certified and Foreman Brad Gibbons has completed a 10 hour Occupational Safety and Health Training Course. Both licensed and insured, Brick City offers a variety of services including painting, drywall installation, texture spray, and pressure washing. Brick City Painting and Drywall offers a professional, service oriented approach for all your drywall and painting needs.


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by Princess Fucktard on 2/22/2019
First off... I should have known not to hire this company when the “boss” showed up to my home REEKING of Marijuana!!!!! But I gave them a chance anyway... the employees were consistently late to the job site and the job took double the quoted time frame I was given when they initially bid the job. Apparently being high when bidding a job causes you to completely falsify the information you give your client... one of the employees smelled like liquor immediately upon showing up to the work site—EVERY DAY! Another employee who I only saw once fell asleep standing up while drooling on himself... on top of the poor quality of employees—the work they did was worse... I had to pay one company to strip/sand the areas they screwed up and a second company to do the job correctly... IT WAS THAT BAD! I wouldn’t trust this company back in my home if THEY PAID ME!!!! Lock up your valuables if you’re ballsy enough to give them a chance... Can’t trust addicts/drunks... they will screw you over every time...
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by Ron Knigge on 10/13/2011
Dear Chad, Brad did a great job and finished everything in one day. Thanks for everything. Ron
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by Jay Wilkerson on 10/13/2011
I want to thank you all. You did a very good job. I appreciate all you did. Your workmen are very skilled at what they do! Thanks, Jay
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by Hammond Bill on 10/13/2011
We're mighty beholden to the folks at Brick City and three painters named Terry, Jerry and Mike. What a great job you did painting our house. It is greatly appreciated. The Hammonds
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by Debi Enyeart on 10/13/2011
We want to thank you for the beautiful paint job done on our home. In our opinion, Brick City really stepped up to the challenge of re-invigorating one of the Mexico's more historical homes, no easy task considering its size and scope of work. In a timely manner you did quality work, exhibited professional behavior and produced a beautiful finished product. What we appreciated even more, however, was the polite and repectful attitude of each and every one of your team. A customer always hears it said that "the customer is always right", but at Brick City that is not just a false promise or meaningless words, but rather an attitude reflected by all. Your team continually exhibited that type of spirit and we greatly appreciated your repect. If there is anything we can ever do, or say, that will help build-up your busness, please give up the opportunity to do so. Thanks to all at Brick City Painting & Drywall! Mike & Debi Enyeart
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