Bills Truck & Tire Service

I 44 County Rd Exit 33
Sarcoxie, MO 64862
Phone: (417) 548-7712


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by A Taylor on 9/15/2011
We will not be doing business with these people again, The owner Bill,has forced us to choose between our CB shop Location, and the time required to address legal issues with our children caused by her ex husband. Bill seemed to think that he ran his business AND ours. Naturally we will always put our children first. Any individual who would take such a hardline & unreasonable position against a family struggling with legal issues, is not someone we wish to be associated with. This inconvenience only serves to make a bad situation even worse, (Thank you).. We will be reopening at our new location within a week. Sincerely, Andy & Crystal Taylor, Crystal Clear Communications.
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