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Baumgartner Homes’ mission is to guide each client through the process of seeing your dream home become reality. We believe creating your new home should be an enjoyable experience.

When you choose to build with Baumgartner Homes, your desires are empowered by over 25 years of expertise. We specialize in custom home building. The heritage of our family in home construction extends back to the early 1900’s when skilled craftsmen fashioned the landmark homes of St. Louis.

We truly do, ‘Remember when’.

Successful custom home building requires an intimate relationship between you and your builder. This philosophy is reflected in the long experience of the Baumgartner staff in working together as a team. We provide a complete array of services to ensure that your desires are realized. Skilled professionals are available to assist you with lot selection, concept and plan development, building material selection, construction and landscaping. Your vision, of that special exterior presence and unique interior design, guides the entire process of your project.


Berni Marti
Bill was with us, always there, throughout the entireprocess of building our home. It’s said that the true beauty of a home is in the details. The ability of Bill’s people to achieve outstanding architectural details is excellent.

Marsha Marti
We built our home on special site, the very place where my father’s home was located. Achieving the result that Berni and I envisioned required an emotional commitment from our builder. Bill understood our desires through each phase of construction. Together, we brought our dream home to life.

Tom George
Having built a number of homes over the years, I had a very clear idea of the home I wanted. Bill understood my desire to steer the direction of building my next home. He supported my decisions and created the result that I had in mind. Bill Baumgartner is a builder who really does work with his client.

  232 Vance Road - Suite 200
Valley Park, Missouri 63088
Bill Baumgartner - President
  office 636-256-9227
cell 314-541-2841
fax 636-256-1995


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