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B and B Lawn Care is Missouri's most affordable and trusted landscaping and lawn maintenance service provider. B and B Lawn Care has many years of experience in the landscaping business, offering professional care to provide customers with clean, safe and modern landscaping techniques.

At B and B Lawn Care, you will be taken care of as there is over 10 years of experience and a loyal customer base. Every need can be fully serviced including mowing, trimming, gardening, grass and mulch laying, planting and any other needs you may have. B and B Lawn Care makes brings their own equipment so you don’t have to take yours out of the dusty shed or spend money renting equipment. Choose B and B Lawn Care in Kirksville Missouri to get started on your project towards a nicer and cleaner landscape.

Brad Apodaca and Brian Wise are the managers and owners of B and B Lawn Care.








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