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We are a full service contractor, doing business in Springfield and the surrounding area for over 20 years. We are licensed, bonded and insured and for your convenience we offer 24 hour emergency service. We do all types of residential and commercial plumbing service, heating & cooling service, new construction and remodels. We have an array of different size snakes for clearing drain lines and main sewer lines. We have a jetter/steamer unit for removing grease from lines and if the line is broken we have a camera to locate the break. For doing the repair we have our own backhoe to do the excavation work and repair.


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by Jim Mohan on 10/13/2014
I used Arnies 4 weeks ago. They came out with 3 items on the ticket. They failed on 2 (anchor existing sink, clear a drain), did a bad job on the 3rd (did not anchor hose bib to house) and charged me full price on all 3. Over $500!! I have spoken to 3 different people including Arnie and they continue to pass the buck. I have now made 9 calls, it's over 8 weeks ago and was just told, "they will try to get back to me later on next week." VERY POOR SERVICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY!!
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by Rob M on 12/10/2012
I called multiple organizations in the area to come out and replace my water heater. It was around mid-day on a Friday. I figured some companies may have an issue coming out to give me a quote and realized I may be without hot water for a few days. Most companies I called could not even come out to give a quote until the following Friday. Some would not even answer their phone. The others would not even come to my house due to the location (to be fair I am a bit away from the city and expected that). I found Arnie's and within minutes his staff had Arnie calling us to come that day to give us a quote. That’s just good business. Arnie walked in my door and immediately started giving us options to save a bit of money because I selected a high end water heater. Not many businesses offer up those options. That’s just good business. Everything was decided upon and I had a quote immediately and work was scheduled for Monday. On Monday Arnie came to the house and apologized to us because the heater that he went to pick up was the wrong one, and the correct one would not be in until the end of the week. I like the honesty and I understand that sometimes things go wrong. So, I was not upset about the little speed bump. Most companies at that point would have left and just waited for the new unit to arrive before they started work. Arnie (realizing that we would be without hot water for a while) decided to bring all of the necessary parts with him and get the old water heater working until the new unit came in. He also fixed a few minor issues with my plumbing, and prepped for the final install. It is a breath of fresh air to get this kind of service. All is not lost in customer service after all. It should also be mentioned that Arnie has not asked for a single dime yet. That’s just good business. I will update on the quality when everything is finished. All of the staff thus far has been very helpful and very nice. Arnie seemed very appreciative to have my business rather than treat the situation like he was doing us a favor. This is the kind of company that I will continue to give my business to whenever I have an issue. Why??? Because That’s just good business. Note to all other companies. I stayed with the high end product in large part because I was offered a more than adequate cheaper alternative. Honesty makes you more money sometimes. Call Arnie's for all of your plumbing needs.
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by Randall Bowman on 8/31/2012
Unfortunately, I called Arnie's Plumbing as a second opinion instead of making them my first call. I will not make that mistake again. A toilet at Transport Graphics in Springfield suddenly developed flushing problems. The first plumber snaked the drain and said it was the toilet (a simple $450 fix). Paul and Andy from Arnie's Popped out in less then 10 minutes had the comb that was blocking water flow removed and everything working great again. Thanks guys.
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