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by Chris M on 2/23/2012
This shop is got to be the worse one out there. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE. The guy that helped me was full of bullshit. He looked over my car and afterwards told me that it needed the carburetors rebuilt. I allowed him to repair my Triumph and do the carburetor rebuild. I paid him a lot of money and took my car. I got down the road maybe 10 miles and the car died at a stop light and would not start. Luckily a gentleman stopped to help me push the car out of the intersection and into a parking lot. Once it was out of the way I opened the hood and the "rebuilt carburetor" was leaking gas everywhere. The gentleman that helped me told me that he could help me and went and got a trailer and picked up the car and took it to another shop, where he pulled the carburetors off the car and opened them up. The rebuilt had not been done. The carburetors were fuel of varnished gas and had stopped working because of the varnish. ALL BRITISH CAR REPAIR DID NOT DO THE WORK, YET CHARGED ME FOR IT. THIS SHOP IS A RIP OFF. IF YOU VALUE YOUR MONEY DO NOT GO HERE.
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